Hi! This is my first Character Page, so I hope I do okay... I won't be able to finish it right away, but I'll start with all the info I have right now! And I will have a picture soon hopefully...

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Zinnia Lockspur


She lives with both of her parents, and has one older sister, Rue (Yes, the Rue, no one named after her). She also has four younger siblings, Mallow, Adder, Freesia, and Ivy.


11 years old


District 11

Best Friend:Edit

I just started writing, so this is undetermined - for now:)


She looks just like Rue, but smaller- still, I'll give you a quick overview: She has long dark brown hair and eyes, dark skin, stands like a bird about to take flight out of habit, and is very small for her age.

Fanfiction She is in:Edit

She is the Main Character in When the Birds Stop Singing .