Age: 16

Anna-Marie Mellark

Anna-Marie Mellark

Birthday: September, 15th


She grew up in District 12 with her younger brother Michael. Her parents are the famous star-crossed lovers, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. Her parents' friends come over with their kids every year for three months. She is close to all of them.


In the fanfiction, she is the main protonagist.


Michael MellarkEdit

He is her brother and one of her best friends, he is younger than her by two years.

Finnick Odair Jr.Edit

She has been best friends with him ever since she was eight years old.

Johny HawthorneEdit

They have been friends since they were about four years old, and they started dating when they were fourteen after he told her he had a crush on her. She loves him dearly, and tries to keep Finnick from being mean to him.

Clarice HawthorneEdit

They don't know each other that well, because she had more in common with her younger sibling.